10 Reasons to be a GP in Australia

1     Australian’s speak english. No really, that’s why we call Straya home.

2 No home visits, unless they are paid.

3 World speed record for beer drinking, held by the past Prime Minster.

4 More “most livable” cities than any other country.

5 No NHS controlling your every decision.

6 Clinical Freedom.

7 Not feeling exhausted at the end of every working day. (Recent feedback from a newly qualified GP working in Australia saying that her
husband, also a GP, arrives home and is happy and has lots of energy!)

8 The sun, you remember the warm glowing object.

9 For most GP’s from the UK, less wok and higher earnings, particularly salaried GPs.

10 Earnings are linked to effort, the harder you work the more you earn.

Happy new year, Australia is only a phone call away. Ring Guy Hazel on 079 09 09 09 40 or gh  at  austmedics.com and I will call you.

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