Urgent! Melbourne Practice visiting London on 23 May 2014 to Meet GPs

A Medical Group with two inner Melbourne practices (30 min from the centre) has the principle GP visiting London to meet GPs who wish to make the move to Melbourne.

Please send your cv and we will arrange for you to meet an Australian doctor in London.


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Australia tops the OECD’s Better Life Index


Australia tops the OECD’s Better Life Index.

Just another reason to consider Australia as a great place to work. Enjoy higher earnings, more clinical freedom, no home visits, feel valued as a GP and SUNSHINE!

Ring me, Guy Hazel on 079 09 09 09 40, to discuss your move.


Take a car with you and make $30,000 tax free

Cars in Australia are more expensive than in the UK. There is a luxury car tax on cars over $59,000 which means that mid range cars are more expensive.

Australia            BMW  X5 xdrive d30             $102,000

UK                       BMW x5 xdrive d30              £45,000  or  $67,000

Plus you have the costs of shipping which are between £3000 – £5000.

The key conditions are

  • You need to own the car for 12 months. 
  • A visa that leads to PR, which Austmedics would help organise.

These requirements are set out in detail here.






Growth in Australia Drives demand for GPs

The story below gives a clear view of the Australian economy and why there are still some great jobs in Australia for UK trained GPs.

The retailer Coles has benefited from this growth.


GP Positions Australia

Following a very busy period after the new year, (must be the snow) Austmedics has been placing a large number of UK GPs. We have no updated all our current positions as we are filling them as GPs apply.

Here is a summary of current positions.

Mackay Female GP

Brisbane December 2012.

Brisbane Western Suburbs.

Perth Eastern Suburbs

North Perth x 2GPs

North Perth x3GPs

North Perth December 2012.

North Sydney October

South Sydney



Launceston Tasmania

Locum Positions

OOH in all cities

Please email me, Guy Hazel to discuss your requirements.   gh   (at)



30 Things to Do before you go to Australia

Contact Austmedics and speak to Guy Hazel in London,  on 079 09 09 09 40.
  • We assist with your registration.
  • Find great positions in amazing locations.
  • Get you Permanent Residency from the start.
  • We work in Australia as a Fellow of RACGP, we really know about working in Australia, because we do it

Pre Departure Check List

  • Travel Insurance covering one way trip. Most policies dont cover one way trips. Contact
  • Get a new email address if your UK one is likely to finish.
  • Complete your Mental Health Skills Training (MHST) AND send the certificate to RACGP ONCE you have a Medicare Provider Number. DONT start billing WITH MHST item UNTIL Medicare has added you to the register.
  • Complete your Medicare elearning.
  • Copy of your No Claims Discount for Car insurance
  • UNLOCK you Mobile phone.


  • Attend AHPRA on arrival.
  • Fax the Medicare provider number application.
  • Its worth getting a copy of your visa put in your passport, lots of people ask for it. Go to the immigration centre in the capital city, no appointment necessary.
  • Notify RACGP in writing that you have started work.
  • Agree with a Fellow of RACGP for them to be your mentor and tell RACGP who they are.
  • Get a UNLIMITED SIM card from AMAYSIM the day you arrive.  They use the OPTUS network.   For $40 you get unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia PLUS 4GB of data. If you need a second phone get a unlocked HTC Explorer  $150 which can be used as a wireless hotspot.YOU WILL NEED wifi to get started before you get broadband. The main provider in Australia is Telstra (like BT) and they are very very very expensive. Vodafone has a terrible network.
  • Missing the BBC/C4/ITV? Once you have broadband you can use a proxy server to watch the BBC etc. You can then watch programs from the US. I use which cost about $6/month and is fast. There are some very good recording programs which means you can recorded a program then play it on a TV using a HDMI cable.
  • Record iplayer and ITV (4od doesn’t work) once connected to the VPN.
  • Go to Medicare and get a Medicare Card so you can access medicare.
  • National Australian Bank offers a no fee bank account. All the other banks charge fees.
  • I know you would never speed! In the UK they have a much much more relaxed view of speeding. You could go at 78 mph on a motorway. In AUSTRALIA they regard 3km over the limit as an offence, camera’s are NOT painted yellow and private contractors are paid to set up speed traps in unmarked cars. GET a SAT NAV, which displays speed limits. Drive at the speed limit. Get an Australian licence however it might be worth waiting 6 months until you get use to driving, so you dont get points on your new licence.
  • The police conduct random breath testing where they will stop every car and test the driver. Each state has their own limit. The guide to staying under the limit is, For men: No more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one standard drink each hour after that. For women: No more than one standard drink each hour. They will do a RBT on dual carriageways.
  • You will need a TAX FILE NUMBER (TFN), Australian Business Number (ABN) and a GST number (Australian VAT) before you start work. See accountant. You will need to lodge a BAS return (Business Activity Statement) for GST every quarter.
  • You will need to start a log book for 12 weeks of your business and private mileage. The % of private vs business mileage will be used to determine how much of the cost of running a car is deductible. Clearly if you have 2 cars then using the first car for the trip to and from work will maximise the deduction. You only need to do this for 12 weeks.
  • The tax year starts on the 1st July.
  • New arrives in Australia have a reputation for getting into trouble in the sea. They figure disproportionately in drowning stats. Many beaches are patrolled by lifesavers who will flag safe areas. If you are caught in a rip, you should remain calm, and either swim parallel with the beach or float out then back to the beach on the rip. Rips recirculate. It depends how strong a swimmer you are. If you can swim then swim parallel or just relax and the rip will take you back to the beach. People get into trouble by swimming against the current, become exhausted and drown. Rips are characterised by calm water!!!! So they look like the best place to swim. If your children can’t swim strongly then you need to enrol in lessons.
  • You will need private health insurance. Firstly you have to pay an extra tax of 1.5% if you earn over $80,000 and don’t have private health insurance. You will get an exemption from the Age Loading Rules for the FIRST year. The age load rule is that premiums are loaded 2% for every year after 30 (your age) that you DON’T have insurance. If you don’t get insurance after the first year you will have the loading for the rest of your life.
  • Snakes. There are a few snakes in Australia, however the key first aid measure is a compression bandage on the limb. Don’t get bitten on the face or body, not good. Dogs get bitten a lot and all vets have access to antivenin therapy.  Don’t play with snakes, leave them alone.,0.pdf
  • Blue ringed octopus are worth mentioning, this octopus has a very powerful neurotoxin. They live in rock pools so you may come across them if you are playing in pools looking for crabs etc. The only treatment is CPR/ventilation which is required for hours until the tetrodotoxin is metabolised.
  • Buying a Car   You should ensure that the car price is under the luxury car tax limit of around $57,000.
  • FREE CALLS to the UK.   Install VIBER.COM on your smart phone and have your friends in the UK do the same. You can then make free calls to the UK if you are connected to wifi.

Car Hire.

IMPORTANT   The excess on car hire is $3000-4000, and the car hire company will charge alot ($20 to $35/day) to remove the excess. 
The best thing to do is to buy your own excess insurance which covers you for a year at £65.
  • You need to have Indemnity Insurance BEFORE you start work.

We recommend MDA.

Sandra Reed
Relationship Manager (QLD)
MDA National
MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd
Level 8 / 87 Wickham Terrace – Spring Hill QLD 4000
Freecall 1800 011 255
Ph: +617 3120 1811
Fax: +617 3839 7822
Mob: 0419 269 733

New Model for GP provision in rural Australia

FIFO (Fly in Fly Out) is a model of GP provision which Austmedics is pioneering in remote rural locations in Australia.  GPs spend 2-3weeks in small rural towns with accommodation provided, work hard for the period, then have 2 weeks off in any location of their choice. We currently have a UK GP who is working in Queensland and commuting to the Himalayas.

How does this work? For a short an intense period you can earn $300,000 then spend time in Singapore, travelling or just sitting on the beach.

This is an option which may not suit everyone but for someone looking for something different this working pattern may suit you.


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Australia Tops the Global Liveability Survey

1   Melbourne

5 Adelaide

6 Sydney

9 Perth

The index measures healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and crime. Its remarkable that 4 of the top ten cities in the world are in Australia. It must be something in the sunshine.

For a GP from the UK, your move to Australia is enhanced by your increased earning power.

Ring me, Guy Hazel to discuss why you should make the move now, on 079 09 09 09 40, up until 9pm.




Dreaming of Australia? Nearly 50? Act Now!

Following the changes made in July 2012, anyone over 50 will have great difficulty (impossible or so the immigration agents say) getting Permanent Residency.

Before the rule change, Austmedics was able to get PR for a 58 year old GP, however it appears that this will no longer be possible.

If your thinking of going to Australia and approaching 50, then its imperative to act NOW.




All of the follwoing positions have great earning potential.

You need both your CCT and MRCGP.

If we start the process now, you can be working in Australia by January 2013. Miss the UK winter!


GP Bundaberg  QLD

Female GP Gladstone  QLD

Female GP Melbourne

3 Female GPs Perth

GP Perth

GP Adelaide

GP Brisbane (June 2013)

GP Hobart