If you have DWS and offer a fair earnings %, Austmedics will endeavour to find you a UK Registered GP. Its that simple.

“In the last year we signed up with 18 different agencies, all said they had lots of doctors. Not one of them signed a doctor up to work for us” Austmedics signed up 4 doctors to work in two different practices over a period of 2 months. One of these practices has RA3 Remote.

What sort of agency are we? We try to match one Doctor to one position. We are not a CV farm,  we dont send the CV to everyone on our contact list and hope we get lucky.  We try to match the requirements of the GP, to the location and the earnings. We believe that if the position is a good match to the GP’s requirements they will settle well and stay for a long time. My aim is not to have the GP move after the first 12 months because we have not placed them correctly the first time.

All Austmedics’ Doctors are VR Doctors, they would be Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.


Austmedics are a specialist in placing medical and healthcare professional from the United Kingdom with clients in permanent and contract positions throughout Australia. We have a unique perspective on the healthcare systems in both the United Kingdom and Australia as we are doctors who have worked in both systems and hold registrations in both countries.

Austmedics is Australian owned, based in London and Melbourne.

For more information please contact us

London +44 (0)203 318 5878

gh AT austmedics DOT com


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