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Australia has health care reciprocal agreements with several European countries (see Medicare for further details) for health care in Australia but it is usually advisable and a visa/immigration requirement that you take out private health insurance unless you have permanent residency in Australia. There is a very wide choice of health insurance policies for visitors to Australia, which you can review by following the link below. Some employers will provide you with the option of joining their Employer funded scheme.
iselect for the best policy. You need to select a 457 visa.

Health Insurance for 457 visa

The 457 visa requires health insurance as a condition of the visa.

One option is to take out 457 Health insurance from for example, IMAN

Once you arrive in Australia, and if you hold a BRITISH PASSPORT, then you can apply for a MEDICARE card, as part of the reciprocal agreement between the UK and Australia. Holding a Medicare card is sufficient for the requirements of the 457 Visa. However this only covers emergency treatment. Once you have obtained the Medicare Card you can cancel your 457 Visa Health insurance, but NOT BEFORE.

AUSTMEDICS strongly advises that you take out private health insurance for two reasons. Medicare does not cover things like ambulance and the medicare levy surchage.

All Australians pay 1.5% Medicare levy, however if you earn over $160,000 and DONT have private health insurance you have to pay a 1% Medicare Levy Surcharge in addition.

The 457 Visa Health insurance doesn’t qualify as “private health insurance” to escape the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

  • Get 457 Health Insurance
  • Get a Medicare Card on arrival in Australia
  • Get Private Health Insurance once in Australia, Get a quote from iselect
  • Cancel 457 Health insurance, only once you have private cover. Confirm that it complies with the 457 Visa Requirement.
  • Consider becoming a Permanent Resident.


We believe that travel insurance is an important aspect to consider once Austmedics have found you a great job. No matter how careful you are things happen and being covered for the first 2 years whilst in Australia is important.


If you have a one way ticket, then all annual travel policies will not cover you!!!!! I discovered this when one of Austmedics’ doctors daughter broke her arm two days before departure. This resulted in cancelled flights etc and they were not covered as they had a one way ticket.


We have found a travel policy which may suit most GPs but you must discuss your circumstances with the insurer. DUINSURE gives Austmedics’ GPs preferential rates with a valid reference code. Austmedics dont have any financial ties with DUINSURE, and you must satisfy yourself that the policy meets your requirements, sorry for the legalese.

  • The policy will cover up to 24 months,  you must intend to return to the UK, however you CAN have a one way ticket. The policy is not designed to lapse while you are in Australia.
  • It is a single trip policy to Australia from the UK, and covers you whilst you are in Australia. If you make additional trips then you need to purchase additional cover.
Please contact DUINSURE and Austmedics for your reference code.


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